Principles Certificate Program Enrollment Form
Principles of Effective Public Purchasing

I am submitting my enrolment form for inclusion into the OPBA’s Principles of Effective Public Purchasing Certificate Program. I understand that to complete the program successfully, I must:
  • Complete six core courses; 5 of these courses are compulsory: Introduction to Purchasing, Purchasing and the Law, Risk Management, Competitive Bidding and Advanced Bidding. The Cooperative Purchasing, Introduction to Procurement for Construction and the Advanced Procurement for Construction are elective courses.
  • Participate and attend two other OPBA-sponsored seminars or courses, regional workshops or co-op meetings, qualifying OPBA Talks meetings, or OPBA spring/fall workshops.
  • Complete and pass the final examination.
I understand and confirm that I must satisfy the above requirements within 3 years of my enrollment date.

I am aware that the Principles Certificate program is eligible for 36 – 48 UPPCC contact hours, depending on the number of courses taken, and that these hours count towards the CPPB and CPPO certification and re-certification.