Principles of Effective Public Procurement Exam Application
Please complete this form to apply to write the Principles Exam. The requirements to be eligible to write this exam are as follows: 

The Five (5) Core Courses: 
- Introduction to Public Procurement
- Procurement and the Law 
- Risk Management 
- Competitive Bidding 
- Advanced Competitive Bidding 

One (1) Elective Course: 
- Co-operative Procurement
- Introduction to Procurement for Construction 
- Advanced Procurement for Construction 

Two (2) Additional Workshops: 
- OPBA Talks or OPBA Ignite sessions
- Buyers Meetings
- OPBA - Supply Chain Canada Live Chats
- Coffee with Counsel
- OPBA Annual General Meeting
- OPBA Annual Conference
- RFPs – A Step by Step Guide for Public Procurement Professionals (note: if this course has been completed it can count as both additional workshops)
- OPBA Annual Conference
- Other procurement-related professional development offered by NIGP, National Institute of Supply Chain Leaders (NISCL), Supply Chain Canada (SCC), etc.
- Attendance of a local Procurement Co-operative Group meeting (if your agency belongs to a co-op)

Please note the Exam Prep Course does not count as an elective or additional workshop.

Please refer to the Principles of Effective Public Procurement Certificate Program Handbook for more details information.

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